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Your ID lies in your Hand

HandyID and MessageID are the leading mobile authentication methods which provides a One Time Password (OTP) token-based, two-factor authentication solution on your mobile phone (handy), PDA, Blackberry and/or smart phone. HandyID and MessageID turn your mobile device into a hardware token enabling a cost-effective, easy, convenient and user-friendly strong authentication solution for online banking, government and ecommerce. In combination with ID Control Server the set up and deployment is easy and fast.

HandyID runs as a security application on your mobile phone and generates dynamic and unique one time passwords or response codes, based on time or counter or challenge-response, which you can only use when you know your PIN. MessageID uses SMS to give the user the One Time Passwords to login. With regard to the online identification process HandyID and MessageID are comparable with the well-known card reader and ATM card combination for online banking. HandyID and MessageID make it possible when used during online banking to turn your own mobile phone into an ID token which you always carry along anywhere. Without using a reader and a card or a token you can let the HandyID application on your mobile device generate the access or response code in order to be granted permission access to online banking or digital signing of transactions.

Many online businesses around the world are offering their clients remote access to private and highly sensitive data offering services. Insuring the identity of the clients with mobile authentication authentication such as HandyID and MessageID is effective in this process to be able to provide secured transactions and access in an efficient manner to private and/or highly sensitive information.

Combat ID Theft with your Handy
HandyIDand MessageIDhelp organizations to avoid losses as a result of ID theft and prevents harming the confidence of users in and imago of their online services. HandyID is a Mobile-based Authentication (OTP) Soft Token which when used in combination with a secure mobile personal passport and installed on your mobile phone, delivers a high level of trust that enables the integrity of the client identity for fulfilling the authentication needed before authorization is granted and access is permitted to online services.

Modules for HandyID and MessageID:
Secure VPN Authentication
Web Sign-On
Secure Server Based Computing (Citrix, Windows Terminal Services)
Secure Web Application Sign-On
Computer and Network Access Control
Email Sign-On, Encryption and Signing (Outlook Web Access Sign-On)

HandyID and MessageID Advantages:

Cost effective
Easy to use and distribute
Something You always Have with you

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