Een Security Awareness-training is het meest effectief als deze elke zes maanden wordt herhaald

Security Awareness training is most effective when repeated every six months

Awareness training in the field of cybersecurity and phishing must be repeated after approximately six months to ensure that employees continue to recognize phishing emails properly. This is evident from a study that was carried out by a number of German universities at an organization from the public sector. In Germany, public organizations are required […]

Schendt Instagram uw privacy d.m.v. cameratoegang?

Does Instagram invade your privacy using camera access?

Last Thursday in the Northern District of California, Brittany Conditi filed a class-action complaint against Instagram and its parent company Facebook for invasion of privacy alleging that Instagram accessed users’ smartphone cameras when not using features that would require camera access, despite the defendants’ representations to the contrary. Specifically, the party who initiated the lawsuit […]