AI Fraud

Rise of AI-generated fake IDs with negative results for identity verification

OnlyFake’s Telegram channel offered realistic fake IDs from 26 countries for just $15, bypassing KYC checks on numerous crypto platforms. Using AI, these IDs could be generated within seconds, complete with chosen credentials and facial pictures, mimicking real-life settings for authenticity. Criminals utilizing AI fraud pose a significant challenge to fintech platforms, with incidents like […]

Business Continuity

Major Microsoft Team Outage Causes Widespread Business Discontinuity

Microsoft Teams is currently experiencing a major outage, leading to widespread disruptions that include connectivity issues, login problems, and message delays. The suspected culprit behind this disruption is a networking issue, prompting Microsoft to initiate ongoing efforts to perform a failover and address the problem. As the incident is under investigation, users are grappling with […]

Privacy Surveillance

Patternz: Commercial Surveillance Tool Tracking Billions Via Advertisements

The commercial surveillance tool named Patternz, offered by ISA, utilizes advertisements across numerous apps to track billions of people, according to claims by journalists, researchers, and the company itself. Patternz employs real-time bidding (RTB) through advertisements to monitor over five billion individuals, as outlined in a report titled ‘Europe’s hidden security crisis.’ RTB is a […]

Cybersecurity Data Protection Fraud

FCC: New Rules Shield Consumers from SIM Swapping

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented robust rules on November 15, 2023, to safeguard consumers against scams targeting their cell phone accounts. The rules specifically combat SIM swapping and port-out fraud, shielding users from scammers attempting to manipulate their personal information and data. Scammers often use SIM swapping to fraudulently transfer a victim’s wireless […]

Google Cloud Infiltration: Cybercriminals Exploit Calendar Events

Google Cloud Infiltration: Cybercriminals Exploit Calendar Events

Google warns of a novel cyber threat using cloud services as attackers repurpose Google Calendar events for command-and-control (C2) operations. The “Google Calendar RAT” exploit, initially shared on GitHub in June, has caught attention in the cybersecurity community, with 15 forks indicating interest, although not yet observed in active deployment. Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging legitimate […]

Cybersecurity Phishing Scam

Massive scam with 100 well known Brands with fake websites

A widespread brand impersonation campaign has been targeting over 100 popular apparel, footwear, and clothing brands since June 2022. The campaign involves approximately 6,000 fake websites across at least 3,000 domains, including inactive ones. Brands such as Nike, Puma, Asics, Vans, Adidas, and many others have been impersonated.The campaign experienced a significant increase in activity […]