Privacy Security

Safety first

An article in the magazine Office Rendement: The IT systems play an important role in your preparation for the GDPR. You must ensure that personal data is safe within your organization. And technology is the way to achieve that. May 25 is the day, so now check the systems for personal data security, so that […]

Data Breach Dutch Data Protection Authority

More effectiveness of the Dutch Data Protection Authority

The Dutch Data Protection Authority, which has to supervise compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be given more clout. The Council of Ministers has decided to significantly increase the regulator’s budget, so that there are more possibilities to check compliance with the upcoming GDPR. Until now, there were too few financial resources […]

Data Protection Officer (DPO) GDPR

Do it yourself or DPO?

Data Protection Officer (Industry) organizations have the option of appointing an internal supervisor for the processing of personal data. Such a person is called a data protection officer (DPO). Within the organization, the DPO supervises the application and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). Later: mandatory DPO Please note: from May 25, 2018, […]

GDPR Privacy Security

Watch your technique!

Hopefully, you have noticed: the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) will come into effect in the Netherlands next year. The regulation prescribes measures to ultimately prevent a data breach of personal data within your BV. The GDPR demands a lot from your IT systems. Which buttons should you turn? The adaptation of the systems to […]


WiFi security – the underrated link in network security

The use of wireless networks has really taken off. With a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop), anyone can access their own digital environment from anywhere in the world via WiFi. In addition to such benefits, serious and specific threats to Wi-Fi networks can pose risks to: unauthorized access to information manipulating information disrupting the availability […]