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Malware Password Management Security Single Sign-On
Passwordless requires a key

Single Sign-On based on Microsoft AD FS server targeted with malware

Microsoft revealed new malware capable of transmitting sensitive information from a compromised AD FS server as well as receive and execute additional malicious payloads retrieved from a remote attacker-controlled server. This malware can also monitor all incoming HTTP GET and POST requests sent to the server from the intranet (or internet) and intercept HTTP requests […]

Multifactor Authentication Password Management Single Sign-On Zero Trust

Zerotrust: what is it about?

The Zero Trust approach means nothing inside or outside the company perimeter should be trusted. As a result, every user has to authenticate themselves and their identity with every login every time before they are granted access to company resources, applications and data. Components are: Multifactor authentication,IAM (identity and access management), Orchestration, AnalyticsEncryption, Scoring, File […]