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ID Control provides 5 European Privacy and Security products and services:

1. Secure Logon: protection with strong authentication based on virtual or physical tokens including single sign-on and central authentication management (www.idcontrol.com);

2. Secure Access with:
A. Total network, email and access protection (also wireless) with firewall, vpn, intrusion prevention, web filter, email encryption and filter, anti-spam, virus, spyware and bandwidth management and last but not least a Security Operation Center (www.securepoint.info);
B. Anti-virus service for laptops, computers, servers and mobile devices (www.antivirusservice.nl).

3. Secure Data with a business alternative for Dropbox for secure data backup, replication, synchronisation, archiving, and collaboration of servers, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices (www.switchdata.net).

4. Secure Email with anti-spam and virus, sealed and signed email and legal and compliant email archiving (www.switchmail.nl).

ID Control brings with HandyID, MessageID, KeystrokeID, RiskID, ID Control USB Token, OTP Key and Card ID highly secure, easy and advanced strong authentication tokens with a fully integrated central authentication management server solution to the market. ID Control offers a diversity of security products and services in order to provide your business with secure and authorized extranet (intranet, internet) access, secure transactions and payments, secure access, identification, authorisation, strong authentication and digital signing.

ID Control will differentiate itself from its competitors (generally larger firms) through a relatively low cost of ownership with a high security level while remaining user-friendly. At the same time we develop unique product market combinations, that will serve as unique selling competitive advantages. By offering an integral security solution and service and privacy covering most of the related needs, requirements and demands of the customers. This integral approach of security backed by smart research and development will give ID Control access to the largest segment of a growing market. This integral focused approach also makes it easier for ID Control to establish and retain a position as an industry leader.

The logical segments on the horizon include security-conscious industries that have begun gearing up their security infrastructures in order to protect sensitive information, such as organizations in:

– the number of customers who use Internet technologies in financial services have grown rapidly with applications such as online broking and banking, execution of retail securities, credit information and management, online payments and banking transactions. However recent research of Gartner has shown that the acceptance factor of the maturity of potential E-Finance customers is more and more relying on the perceived security.
E-Healthcare – medical professionals can collaborate on a patient’s treatment by simultaneously viewing the patient’s complete medical history, results of recent tests, and radiology images while maintaining patient privacy.
E-Government – security laws focused on protecting government information are forcing government agencies to evaluate better security measures. At the same time more and more government have to reduce on government costs by providing more online-services.
E-Business – protects business-critical data and applications from malicious hackers, disgruntled former employees, and curious employees. Security concerns remain a major obstacle for wary customers making on-line transactions and private and sensitive information exchange, storage and retrieval.
E-Entertainment – Online services for purchasing tickets, music, movies, video, gambling, pay-per-view, games and video on demand is demanding for more secure authentication since return on customer are rising.

ID Control falls back upon large experience and knowledge base in the e-government, e-business, e-health and e-finance fields. Our mission is to partner with strong partners, such as security solution manufacturers, distributors, resellers, mobile operators, appliations and certificate authorities, - both local and global. ID Control delivers security solutions and services that help the end customers achieve their security business objectives and maximises the return on their ICT Security investments.

In case you would like to know more about ID Control, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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