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Computer and Network Sign-On

The USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID and KeystrokeID of ID Control offer Computer and Network Sign-On which are easy to use, out of the box password augmentation solution developed to bring your security strategy from the "Post-It Note Age" into the Digital Age. ID Control’s USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID and KeystrokeID with the Computer and Network Sign-On module are simple and an effective security system for your computer that runs within a Windows network. Once the Security module "Computer and Network Sign-On" has been installed, any person wishing to use the computer must possess and use an ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID or KeystrokeID to gain access to the Windows network, terminal server or RDP session. Any person attempting to logon to your computer not having an ID Control Token, the correct One Time Password generated by HandyID, MessageID, OTP Key or the correct keystroke behaviour will be denied access. ID Control Computer and Network Sign-On is perfect for mobile "road warriors" and server based or remote desktop computing.

Keep your home or office computer safe from prying eyes with ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID, KeystrokeID and Computer and Network Sign-On function. When the small USB Token inserted into your computer's USB port, the One-Time Password generated by the OTP Key, HandyID or MessageID, or the recognition of KeystrokeID the access is allowed or blocked to your computer. And just like your car, no key - no go. Even if someone steals your laptop and guesses your password, they will not be able to connect without your ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID or KeystrokeID.

Simple but effective 2-factor authentication
ID Control's USB Token and HandyID bring "two-factor authentication" to a Windows logon. This is the same level of security that makes your ATM card secure. The two factors are: "something you know" and "something you have". In the case of your ATM card, the "something you have" is the plastic card and the "something you know" is your PIN. And now for your computer system, the "something you know" is your Windows password and the "something you have" is the ID Control USB Token or the mobile phone with HandyID.
ID Control Computer and Network Sign-On is designed to be simple to deploy and simple to use, without the need for full time security experts on staff to manage the infrastructure. In fact, the ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID and KeystrokeID do not require any complex and expensive authentication systems in order to operate. They are truly a plug and play solution for internal security. The USB Token, HandyID and KeystrokeID with Computer and Network Sign-On are simple to implement and simple to use. Installation is wizard driven with ID Control Server, the unified authentication server, and usage is based on as less interference as possible.

HandyID and also MessageID (OTP based on SMS) make it possible when used during network logon to turn your own mobile phone into an ID token which you always carry along anywhere. In order to use HandyID and MessageID, simply generate an One-Time-Password on your mobile phone and type in this Access Code to your Windows Network, Terminal Server or RDP logon. Without using a reader, a card or a token you can let the HandyID application generate or receive a SMS on your mobile device with the access code in order to be granted permission access to your network resources and assets.

Strong and affordable biometrics
Even 3-factor authentication based on biometrics is possible with KeystrokeID based on the user’s typing behaviour as an identification token delivering highly secure and reliable user authentication without the need of a token.

Making Security Easier to Enforce
The ID Control USB Token, OTP Key, HandyID, MessageID and KeystrokeID with the Computer and Network Sign-On security module also offer additional features to help manage your organization's information assets and provide features that help with security policy compliance. ID Control’s USB Token with Computer and Network Sign-On and File and Disk encryption includes the ability to protect laptops, even when they are not on the network, which is great for protecting mobile users from the threat of stolen data associated with laptop theft.

In case you would like to know more about ID Control's Computer and Network Sign-On, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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