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ImageProfessional Support Services provides an array of services to enable ID Control to support a total authentication solution for its customers. Today's increasingly sophisticated customer's demand more than Authentication functionality from their Authentication Solution vendor. ID Control’s competitive edge is our Professional Support Services department.

Integrating the customers' existing network, software, web based application and other systems to core ID Control’s authentication products provides a smoothly integrated solution that other Authentication providers cannot match. Tasks that were previously performed manually can be automated through easy customizable applications. Custom user interfaces can also be provided to meet the customer's requirements. Finally, with its in-depth knowledge of the authentication products and the Authentciation, Authorization and Access Management and other Security Solutions industry, ID Control’s  Professional Services provides on-site and off-site consulting for its customers' specific projects.

Professional Services Offerings
 Interfaces to third party systems;
 Custom Applications and Integration; 
 On-site and off-site Consulting and Support;
 Warranty and Service Level Agreements;
 Packaged Products with our Security Solution and OEM Partners.

Our professional support service is available to all our customers and partners and offers support solutions on installation, basic product configuration and programming issues, as well as information and solutions on general operational procedures and issues.

Should you have any questions regarding our professional support services, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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