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HandyID, Mobille One-Time Passwords

HandyID Advantages:
Cost Effective
Easy to use

The embedded software in HandyID offers state-of-the-art security based on a high level of encryption to communicate with the holder’s digital personal passport in order to deliver a reliable one time challenge/response mechanism for each session and access to the protected digital resources and transactions. Unlike SMS-based one-time password generation, where the insecure SMS message brings you a One Time Password, the identification is completely processed in a secure environment which synchronizes with the identification verification server, hardware security module, and the authentication agent installed on your server.

Reliable and personal
HandyID is a Mobile-based Authentication (OTP) Soft Token which when used in combination with a secure mobile personal passport, delivers a high level of trust that enables the integrity of the client identity for fulfilling the authentication needed before authorization is granted and access is permitted to online services.

Convenient and easy to use
The number of security devices you carry with you has a direct influence on the chance of loosing a device or having it stolen. A HandyID is on your mobile phone which you always carry along and turns your mobile device into a strong authentication mean. The user interface of HandyID and the authentication process is simple and intuitive.

HandyID is scalable from ten users till thousands of user and can be easily managed by the HandyID Identity and Verification Server and Services. The Identity Verification Server manages blended authentication mechanisms by which some users can authenticate and digitally sign for example with ID Control’s USB PKI token and others identify themselves with HandyID on their mobile phone.

Cost Effective
Suitable for organizations who are willing to offer their employees, customers, partners, suppliers, investors and/or members a high-end secure solution for accessing their intranet and or extranet using an advanced authentication solution towards a reasonable amount of investment. The investment is lower since no investment has to be made in hardware devices such as tokens, key fobs and/or smart cards and their high costly maintenance and distribution.
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