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ID Control is offering advanced authentication management by handyid_smalldecreasing related security risks and threats.

Our strong, affordable and easy authentication and encryption solutions are:

1. ID Control USB token with secure encryption of files on flash memory, computer authentication, password management, PKI generation and storage, application virtualization on the flash memory  and other security features.
2. HandyID and MessageID: turning your Mobile Phone or Device into an authentication token;
3. KeystrokeID: Biometric authentication on the basis of the Recognition of your Keystroke Behavior during log-on;
4. ID Control OTP Key: hardware One-Time Password Key with optional a replaceable battery;
5. CardID: Credit card sized One-Time Password Key;
6. RiskID: Risk based authentication based on the characterics of the hardware device accessing (ideal for Mobile Outlook Access Authentication)
7. MailID: encryption, decryption and digital signing of important, confidential en sensitive documents via e-mail from sender to receiver with strong authentication (MessageID/PKI/Strong Password) and optional Legal and Compliant Email Archiving;
8. ID Control Server: fully integrated and centralized authentication management server  support for managing our tokens and even third party tokens (with Radius and Active Directory Support) with Single Sign-On.

ID Control's authentication methods and tokens support strong, easy and affordable authentication to for example Outlook Web Access, Netwerk Logon, Citrix Web Interface, VPN (for example Cisco, ISA Server, Astaro, Securepoint, Fortinet and Juniper) and our authentication agents can be easily integrated into web based applications. Off course we support Radius, Active Directory and other LDAP based systems.

For a demo of KeystrokeID, MessageID, HandyID or MailID click on the product name.

At the same time ID Control provides Network and Access Protection with worldwide more than  10.000 installations.

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