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Authentication Form Factor




A fingerprint is an impression of the friction ridges of all or any part of the finger


Very little time is required for enrolment with a fingerprint scanning system
As noted previously, fingerprints are unique identifier specific to the individual
As most people are familiar with the use of fingerprint for identification purposes, it is generally accepted as a technology

Injury, whether temporary or permanent, can interfere with the scanning process
There is nothing to suggest that the same technology that is used to store fingerprint as statistical algorithm cannot also be used or modified to recreate accurate depiction of the print itself
User acceptance, fingerprint scanning crosses the fine line between the impersonal and non-intrusive nature of passwords and PIN

Iris Scan

Iris recognition is a method of biometric authentication that uses pattern recognition techniques based on high-resolution images of the iris of an individual’s eyes.

It is an internal organ that is well protected against damage and wear by a highly transparent and sensitive membrane
The fine texture remains remarkably stable over many decades
The iris has a fine texture that – like fingerprint – is during embryonic gestation

Iris scanning is a relatively new technology and is incompatible with the very substantial investment
It is a difficult technology if the distance is larger than a few meters and if the person is not standing still

As with other photographic biometric technologies, iris recognition is susceptible to poor image quality, with associated failure to enrol rates


A voice biometric is numerical model of sound, pattern and rhythm of an individual’s voice.

Easy to use

Offer information delivery options

Produce a detectable audit trail

Difficult to forge

Possible to steal an example of someone’s voice
Expensive method

File storage is difficult; it uses a great deal of storage


KeystrokeID monitors and analyse all keyboard behaviour performed by the user during his/her access

Quick identification

No user interference

The user behaviour becomes the identification token

Almost no affect on someone’s privacy

Your type behaviour can never be lost

No distribution management or replacement of tokens

Low FAR and FRR

Impossible to copy by observation

The keyboards of other countries are different (Germany, France)

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