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News release :2012-08-26 15:27:30 Source: Frost & Sullivan


ID Control, specialist in strong authentication and One Time Passwords (OTP) has been added to the Frost & Sullivan analyses of the worldwide OTP market as a market contender.

 ID Control differentiates itself from the market by offering one platform with a wide range of authentication and OTP solutions and enabling their customers to choose which solution suits their personal requirements.

 The platform consists of hard- and software solutions such as:
USB Token based OTP with PKI, OTP hardware keys, credit card sized OTP keys.
Software: SMS OTP (MessageID), OTP mobile app (HandyID), ID Control gives its customers the option to send OTPs via an encrypted email message through its MailID product. Before entering the internet bank, a MaillD PDF with an OTP inside which is PIN protected is sent to the user’s email address This avoids the cost associated with hardware and SMS OTP’s

 Attractive pricing. By offering their products either in an on-premise model or a monthly / yearly subscription model ID Control is able to serve every company or organisation a solution for their security needs no matter what the budget is.

ID Control has a strong focus in the financial vertical but also develops their solutions to be user-friendly for all vertical types.


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