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MailIDID Control brings highly secure, easy and advanced authentication, authorisation and access management solutions to the market. ID Control offers a diversity of security products and services in order to provide businesses with secure and authorized extranet (intranet, internet) access, secure transactions and payments, secure access, identification, authorisation, strong authentication and digital signing. ID Control will differentiate itself from its competitors (generally larger firms) through a relatively low cost of ownership with a high security level while remaining user-friendly. At the same time it develops unique product market combinations, that will serve as unique selling competitive advantages.

ID Control has revealed recently the launch of MailID, the worlds most easy and secure e-mail signing-, encryption- and decryption software to enforce compliance demands and to guarantee that confidential data is delivered securely through e-mail. MailID's software license is free of charge and documents can be exchanged securely with signed and completely sealed and secured e-mail. MailID guarantees the digital integrity, confidentiality and signature of the e-mail and its message contents. Sensitive information can now be securely exchanged and sealed via e-mail, such as with banking statements and loan offers from banks, electronic invoices from enterprises and annual statement from accountants, recipes from doctors and pharmacies and files from lawyers.

MailID operates easily and can be activated by writing the word "secure" into the subject of the e-mail. The e-mail will then be automatically encrypted and signed and the visible content of the recipient's e-mail shows only the MailID number and a notification that an SMS is delivered to the mobile phone of the recipient containing a one time password. MessageID is a password that is dynamically generated and distributed through SMS. The e-mail message can be opened, decrypted and read only with this MessageID, and copying the right one time password received via SMS.

MailID seems to be more like a courier service, but goes further by sealing the message and enclosed information with a signature of the sender by which only the recipient with the access key sent by SMS related to his or her mail slot can read the locked information. E-mail is compared to postcards in a glass mailbox, but could also be opened or faked. MailID empowers a tremendously huge cost reduction by evading the utilization of traditional fax, courier service or postal exchange by introducing secure document exchange and distribution by e-mail.

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