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The beauty of the ID Control USB Token device is its simplicity and portability; plug it into any computer USB port, and it runs. With the ID Control USB Token come many portability and security features than any other flash drive, such as strong authentication, secure storage, application virtualization, online passwords and favorites management.

Strong authentication is enabled through the on-board password generator which issues a new one-time password (OTP) every time a user remotely and securely wants to log into the protected remote access of networks, applications and digital resources. At the same time the user’s credentials such as a digital certificate can be verified for strong authentication or used for digital signing purposes. The USB Token is PIN-protected and puts certificates, account and passwords, applications and other data on the move in a secure vault, since data is fully encrypted. Applications can be run virtually from the flash memory of the token which makes it a very small and secure multifunctional portable computing device. Onboard multiple online favorites with related accounts and passwords can be memorized so that with only one master password the user can log in to multiple websites and applications.

Yearly over 20,000,000 unsecured USB sticks are lost in businesses, and with 62% of employees leaving sticks plugged in to unattended computers*, businesses are extremely vulnerable to data and identity theft and fraud. With the ID Control USB Token the related security risks and threats are minimized at affordable costs and users even adopt the token fast due to its user friendly interesting features.


Hans Kortekaas, CEO of ID Control, indicates that when using USB sticks for data storage more organizations should consider that losing intellectual property on an open, unsecured USB flash drive could be disastrous. Securing the data stored in the flash drive is easy with the ID Control USB Token, but provides next to secure storage a lot of other security and portability opportunities. The token is ideal for strong authentication to web based applications, VPN, networks and server based computing and enables applications to run virtually from the flash drive, while users can manage their online favorites, accounts and passwords in the secured flash memory. ID Control, www.Id Control.com located in The Hague, provides strong and easy authentication tokens and unified authentication management. The range of strong authentication tokens for secure online access is composed of HandyID, MessageID, Keystroke, the ID Control OTP Key and USB Token. Handy is an OTP generating application running on your mobile device, the ID Control OTP Key is an OTP generating hardware token, the ID Control USB Token stores and generates digital signatures and OTPs and Keystroke recognizes users on the basis of their typing behavior while logging in. At the same time ID Control offers e-mail encryption, decryption and authentication with Mailed which uses Messaged One Time Passwords (OTP) via SMS or ID Control USB Tokens for opening up e-mail with attachments. Organizations that use different authentication methods and tokens for different users, accounts, systems, applications and/or services can centrally and integrally manage all kinds with the ID Control Server.

“USB Token for strong authentication, secure storage and portable applications and passwords”

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