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MessageID is a One-Time Password (OTP)-based email messaging service to the mobile phone or computer the user already has, which provides the banking and user with a cost-effective and secure two-factor authentication (something you know (username) and something you have (encrypted email with PIN protection)) method. When the user is trying to open the Internet Bank or SSL VPN connection on the computer the user normally has to fill out the username and password. With MessageID, the ID Control Server provides the user real-time by signed and sealed email, as an encrypted MailID PDF, with a One-Time Password for authentication in stead of the static password. When the user receives the email with the encrypted MailID PDF the user only has to fill out the One-Time Password, out of the email, into the logon field on the computer screen and with the correct permission rights the user can enter the web based banking or mobile banking. MessageID operates the same as an OTP device, by which the user has to enter a One-Time Password, with 6 to 8 digits, but with MessageID in combination with MailID this One-Time Password is delivered by email to be used to authenticate the user to the bank extranet, bank web based email and/or online application, Windows network and/or VPN. MessageID is able to deliver two-way authentication which means the user and the ID Control Server can be mutually authenticated. Two-way authentication is different in the way that the ID Control Server is not only sending the user a One-Time Password, but also authenticates itself by a server password which the user can check on his computer and verify with the Server Password received by email as an encrypted MailID PDF.

The use of MessageID enables secure access or a digital signature on transactions and/or documents by strong authentication. MessageID gives you a high assurance that the granted access, submitted transaction or document has been authorized and authenticated by the user.  Because MessageID uses your own mobile phone’s or computer’s email program and PDF technology which is very cost-effective and user-friendly, since there is no distribution and use of hardware tokens and also no SMS costs. Beside email as a carrier MessageID has the option to use SMS to provide One-Time Passwords as well.

For a bank sending out 100.000 SMS-es per day for one-time passwords, MessageID send by Signed and Sealed Email can save up to 4 Million Euros on SMS costs yearly.


Secure Mobile Authentication with One-Time Passwords through Signed and Sealed Email
Cost Effective
Easy to use

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