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The ID Control OTP Key assures organizations to know exactly which users have access to their VPN, server based computing, network, web based e-mail systems, online applications, extranet and many other private, sensitive and/or confidential digital resources and assets.

The ID Control OTP Key is designed for two factor authentication making it possible for users to strongly authenticate at anytime, anywhere, with a one-time password to remote digital resources and access. The user presses the button and generates with that the one-time password on the LCD-screen of the OTP Key to be used for login. This password is unique and can only be used for that access moment only, which makes it a One-time Password.

The ID Control OTP Key which is a small and solid hardware token which generates a random passcode everytime each time the token is activated and is very interesting for large token deployments in for example employee authentication. Users can easily carry the token attached to the key chain and carry it along in their pockets. ID Control OTP Keys have a higher life expectancy than most tokens on the market due to the replaceable and renewable battery option. ID Control OTP Keys costs only a fraction of repurchasing, renewing and distributing the same token all over again with all the related inconvenience and loss of productivity for users and administrators.

The ID Control OTP Key offers the following modules for strong authentication to:
VPN (f.e. Juniper, ISA Server, Cisco, OpenVPN and Astaro);
Web Based Application (f.e. online accountancy, ERP and CRM);
Extranet Access;
Web based E-mail (f.e. Outlook Web Access)
Server based Computing and Software as a Service (f.e. Citrix and Windows Terminal Services);
Internal and external network access (f.e. Windows Networks);
Other network resources, applications and services.

Technical specifications:
OATH compliant algorithms, which is an OTP open standard, providing compatibility with 3rd party software.
Event based or time based OTP;
Passcode length (numeric): 6-8 digits;
LCD Screen;
Power control feature;
Replaceable and renewable battery option

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