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... protects you against third parties
Encryption of all transfers
Safe user- and computer-identification
Password protected access over the internet
Independent, secure SwitchData network (similar to VPN)

... protects you from user mistakes or malice
Deleted or older file versions can be recovered through the built-in history Protection against mass-deletion
Built-in rights management on the user level

... protects you against hardware faults
User files are being saved on your own server or in the SwitchData Cloud.
The peer to peer mode synchronizes data between local clients, adding redundancy without further hardware investments.

... is unlimited
SwitchData has no limts on filesize, foldersize or the number of clients.
SwitchData allows your business to grow without any software limits.

... is your solution for 100% control
Unlike competitors we offer a Server solution for your own installation within your firewall.
Get rich cloud functions into your network without moving data outside of your network with SwitchData Server!

... saves network resources
SwitchData transfers data always in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
SwitchData only sends the parts of a file that were changed, so if only 1mb in a 100mb file change it will only transmit that 1mb. Additionally, SwitchData recongizes connection types. Computers within a LAN synchronize directly, preventing your WAN or internet connection from clogging up.

... is cost efficient
Employees always have the latest version of all documents.
Employees no longer have to spend time attaching files to emails, re-attaching them if they were too big or walk around with USB-Sticks. Collaboration with SwitchData is automated, your employees can focus on their job.

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