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Secure Server Based Computing

Server Based Computing (SBC) makes it possible to serve functionality to users, independent of their location, the time, the type of client and the network, by which all the processes central take place at the server side. This form of Remote Access immediately rises the question “Who’s on the other side of the line?”

Citrix® and Microsoft® deliver Server Based Computing and in order to be sure of the identity of the user who want access to your digital resources it is important to check his identity in a safe way.

ID Control brings strong, affordable and easy authentication to Server Based Computing by which the ID Control Server manages all the advanced authentication methods and tokens, such as:

 HandyID, to log-in to a Citrix® or Microsoft® environment the user can authenticate itself by using their mobile phone with the application HandyID. Via a One Time Password generated by HandyID and the Server the user as well as the server can be mutually authenticated.

 MessageID, another way to log in as while you type in your username, you receive a SMS with a One Time Password on your mobile phone. To get access to Server Based Computing you need to fill in this One Time Password and when you have the right code and permission right access is granted.

 OTP Key, makes it possible with a press on the button of the hardware OTP key to generate a One Time Password. Users can securely log-in to server based computing by overtyping the numeric passcode on the LCD-screen of the token. Also available in credit card size!

 KeystrokeID, with this authentication method the keyboard behaviour of a user is analyzed and his or her identity checked before access is granted. The keyboard behaviour is stored based on characteristic scores in the ID Control Server. When a user logs in on for instance on a Citrix® or Windows Remote Desktop web environment with an username and password the ID Control Server compares the last session with the new one and when it matches, then the user is checked on permission rights and gets access to the Citrix® or Microsoft® environment when allowed.

Advantages of Server Based Computing enhanced by ID Control’s authentication solutions:

 More secure network, a lower risk of identity theft and fraud.

 Strong affordable and easy user authentication;

 ID Control can manage all kinds of authentication, as well as third parties.

 Offers secure authentication on the place of work, the website is only accessible for authorized persons.

With Server Based Computing users can operate applications on their own workplace, while maintenance, administration and support are fully taking place on the server. The exchange of data between the server and workstations is minimal because only image information, keystrokes and mouse clicks are exchanged. Physically seen the application is only based on the server and only image information is presented to the station, this is why the user is experiencing as if the application is running local on his/her computer. The question which rises is off course “Who’s on the other side of the Line?”

To use Server Based Computing in a secure manner you need application servers which have Multi-User Operating System, for example Microsoft® Windows Terminal Server or Citrix® and enhance the logon process with strong, easy and affordable authentication solutions of ID Control.

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