Privacy Basic Training

P rivacy basic training will let you get to know a couple of the big changes that are happing in relation to the current privacy legislation. Seeing as the new laws come with more responsibility and more duties for the employer, together with the heavy fines that can be charged (up to 20 million euros or 4% of the total revenue), we expect this basic training to be relevant for many people.
“For me, privacy and security are really important. We think about it in terms of both: You can’t have privacy without security– Larry Page

Basic Privacy Training ingredients

Basic Privacy training 1,5 hours

  • Introduction privacy; what is it?
  • Background regulation;
  • Important terminology;
  • Data Processing registry;
  • Privacy management;
  • What is expected from your organization?
  • Data leaks and data rights;
  • What are appropriate technical and organisational measures?