Basic Security Training

Threats to sensitive data and cyber resources are increasing at a fast pace.

Organisations of all sizes need to ensure all employees know how to safeguard sensitive information and the technological resources their businesses rely on. Employees must be able to follow information security best practices, identify threats, and prevent unauthorized access.

  • How data is put at risk from a variety of security incidents
  • What to do with a security incident?
  • Identifying sensitive data and special categories, and how to keep it secure
  • Stopping physical and digital security threats
  • Keeping safe computing best practices top-of-mind
  • Identifying and busting phishing attacks
  • Stopping social engineering risks and stopping future attacks, like mystery guests, lost USB sticks, etc.
  • Making a strong password
  • How to setup a secure Wifi at home?
  • How to secure the connection with a VPN?
  • What is Multi-Factor Authentication?