GDPR Management Tool

The GDPR Management Tool (GMT) is intended, among other things, to determine how your organization handles data as intended in the new legislation.

The tool contains the following modules:

  • Contact person management within the organization
  • Role based workflow and action management
  • Relationship including contact person management
  • Processing registers
  • Data Processing agreements
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Security and privacy policy
  • Processes
  • Infra- and Information systems
  • Dataleaks and incident management
  • Reports at organization- and processing register level
  • Mobile App
  • Digitally sign data processing agreements
  • Concern approach for sharing infra- and information systems, relationships (incl. contacts), and processing activities within a concern
  • Generate Privacy Statements

You get access to the tool at customer level that is fully tailored to your organization. If you wish, you can be accompanied by a  Privacy and Data Protection Partner.