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ID Control USB key features:
Public key (PKI) technology support, with on-board 1024-bit PKI key generation. 
RSA/Radius Standard Support
USB Token Technology 
PKCS#11 Standard for cryptography 
Physical tamper-evident and water resistant casing
Multiple color support by user order
Easy plug-and-play connectivity to mainstream PKI and security clients. 
Standard USB interface

Technical specifications:
Two-way authentication
USB key and password
No Software Driver required
Operating Systems
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/2008/XP/7
Portability & Interface
Works on any computer supporting USB 1.1
Supporting Standard
PKCS#11, X.509 certificate, RSA on board, RAS/RADIUS etc.
Storage Media
EEPROM for Read, Write. 8KB, 32KB
63 X 23 X 9 mm
8 g
Additional Device
Not needed
H/W Requirement
Pentium-400Mhz, 64MB memory
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