Do fake online store scams not pay off?

The Spanish police have rounded up a gang of internet crooks who have been active for several years and specialized in setting up online fake shops. These were often indistinguishable from the real thing, behind hundreds of checking accounts. A 23-year-old man is considered Spain’s biggest internet fraudster. His scam earned him around 300,000 euros […]


Shocking cybercrime figures in SMEs

One in two companies has been a victim of cyber incidents, according to a survey among SMEs by financial service provider Centraal Management. Nicole Mallens of the VNO-NCW business organization: “Most SMEs do take a number of basic technical measures, such as a firewall, a virus scanner or making backups. Yet there is a group […]


SIM swapping is on the rise as a mobile threat

Sim swapping is possible because a malicious person takes over your phone number. This criminal calls the victim’s telecom provider and convinces the employee the 06 number transfer to a SIM card in his possession. Strong authentication like that of http: // idcontrol.com via Apps, OTP or USB Keys may be a solution. It is […]

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