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We Provide Easy
Single Sign-On

Supports different user bases

Query your users from your database (AD, SQL or similar)

Based on well-known standards

Our SSO works with OpenID-Connect, ADFS and SAML

Always strong authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your login


Easily manage your SSO users from the ID Control cloud

Single secure login

to all your extranet resources

SSO standards

Supports SAML, ADFS and OpenID Connect

Strong Authentication

Additional layer of logon security

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We Organize Your
Single Sign On

ID Control is the partner of choice for many organisation. We provide value through delivering Single Sign On services. SSO is enhanced with multi-factor authentication.


Single Sign-On describes a way in which your customers or users can use a single secure login method where they can access all their favorite content without the need to enter their credentials at every step of the line. We support the standards such as SAML, ADFS and OpenID.


This adds an additional layer of security by requiring the users to know something: their username and password, and to have something, for example a One-Time Password generated by your favorite authenticators such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, FreeOTP, or a hardware One-Time Password generator that you can hang from your keychain.


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Pricing Plans

We help organizations eliminate their risks and threats through strong cybersecurity solutions and consultancy.

Single Sign-On


Per user per month

  • Sign in only once
  • MFA
  • SAML, ADFS and OpenID
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Password management


Per user per month
  • Don't remember passwords
  • MFA
  • Mobile app & Browser plugin
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Per user per month

  • Password management
  • Single Sign-On
  • MFA
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10+ Countries Worldwide

Emilia Clarke
CTO of Company
"Yes!CRM has integrated ID Control's solutions MessageID, HandyID, and ID Control Service to provide remote access via a SSL protected web application environment"
Emilia Clarke
ICT Specialist of Company
"Sharing knowledge and experience through the network organisation of Experis for Interim Professional and professional paved the way to secure logon to data, application and services through the internet. "