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Your security key
always on hand

The mobile OTP app delivers, unlike SMS-based one-time password generation, where the insecure SMS message brings you a One Time Password, identification on a completely secure environment which synchronizes with the identification verification server, hardware security module, and the authentication agent installed on your server. Because the app is OATH compliant you can use any authenticator of your choice. Whether this is the Google- or Microsoft Authenticator, or FreeOTP for example.

For example:
- Juniper
- ThreatControl
- Cisco
- OpenVPN
- Sophos

Web based application
For example:
- Online accountancy

Extranet access
Use the ID Control OTP Token on your own login pages

Server application
For example:
- Citrix
- Windows terminal server

Network access
For example:
- Windows networks

Custom inte- grations
Using the GraphQL API you can decide what you want to protect

The Mobile OTP app combines something users know (username/password) with something they have (an application on the mobile device). The Mobile OTP app is used to generate an OTP during a secure online login. The app generates an One Time Password on the mobile device. Once the OTP is generated, a user enters this OTP into a login screen, which sends it to a ID Control Server for authentication.

Mobile OTP advantages:

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Personal
  • Convenient
  • Maintainable
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to use




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