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All-in-one solution

Email encryption

Digitally signs and seals email

All encryption standards

You can choose multiple encryption methods such as PDF, PGP and S/Mime for your sensitive email

Data Leakage Prevention

Stops breaches before they can do damage

Secure webmail

A secure portal for the recipient to access sensitive content

Subject line trigger

Automatically secures your message when a trigger word is found

Strong Authentication

Adds an additional layer of security to your sign-on

Countries Worldwide

To succeed, every cybersecurity solution and service is managed by local partners...

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The European Privacy and Cybersecurity Company

ID Control provides strong and affordable cybersecurity, privacy and information security solutions and services that help solve the Top 40 Privacy and Cybersecurity problems in organisations. 

Through an integrated approach ID Control helps
organizations to enforce security and privacy policy,
manage security risks,  implement processes, procedures and measures and controls, which strengthen compliance while meeting regulations with a measurable return on security and privacy.

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Business Industries
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Healthcare organizations have no shortage of serious security considerations that must be adequately addressed to ensure patient privacy and safety.
Information Technology
Information Technology
New technologies continue to be exploited by malevolent users and internet and internal malpractices take advantage of weaknesses within information systems.
Retail & Distribution
Retail & Distribution
Changes from ‘Brick and Mortar’ to ‘Online Shopping’ take place in the retail industry. Information and cybersecurity and privacy in has become an essential business strategy.
Business & Finance
Business & Finance
The need for integral security and privacy solutions and services is growing rapidly within this sector. Finance and businesses experience a rapid growth in security incidents and dataleaks.
As the level of eGovernment increases, so does security and privacy become more important, as digital vulnerabilities and threats are on the rise.
The growing cybersecurity and privacy needs, requires legal professionals to acquire more technical and regulatory expertise.