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What is the login code and password?

A desk clerk had difficulty logging into the hospital information system and asked aloud “How do I log in?” To a colleague who also had a patient in front of the splash screen.Then the login code and then the password were loud and audible for everyone. In hospitals people are notoriously careless, careless and thoughtless […]

Data Breach Privacy

Former Uber CISO charged for concealing hack

Yesterday Uber’s former security chief Joe Sullivan was charged with attempting to conceal a hack from federal investigators. This hack exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of 57 million drivers and passengers. As a result the former CISO could face up to eight years in prison for not promptly disclosing to the employee and […]

Data Breach Privacy

Facebook sued for violating privacy

The Consumers’ Association and the Data Privacy Foundation “Data Privacy Stichting (DPS)”. Have joined forces to force Facebook to pay compensation via a subpoena. The Consumers’ Association calls on consumers to join the campaign. Facebook is accused of collecting private data from its users and their Facebook friends for years and making this data accessible […]

Data Breach

Encrochat hack exposes underworld NL

Encro’s servers running in France were hacked thanks to the special knowledge of the Dutch Team High Tech Crime.This allowed detectives to read about all the criminal activities planned in the Netherlands and far beyond. EncroChat has discontinued its services as a provider of encrypted communication. The company supplied crypto phones internationally that allowed users […]