Data Breach Hackers

Data leak: hackers log in to tens of thousands of RTL accounts

Attackers managed to break into 32,000 RTL accounts by means of reused passwords, the company told let her own news site know. Private data of users of various RTL services such as Videoland, Buienradar and RTL Nieuws have been approached. This includes name, e-mail address and address details. The attackers used e-mail addresses and passwords from previous data leaks. Now, of course, if people use the same passwords for different sites and not regularly change their password, they run the risk of being misused. The question really arises to what extent a company can now be blamed for appropriate technical measures such as protection against brute force attacks or an extra layer of authentication? All affected users have now been notified by RTL and must set a new password. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has also been informed.