European Parliament approves link tax and upload filter

The European Parliament voted on the new European copyright law last Tuesday. This is very controversial on two points: Article 11 and Article 13. Many fear that this law will put pressure on the open internet as we know it.

Article 11 requires websites that bundle news items and make them accessible (such as Google News) to purchase the rights to may link to news publisher websites. This measure is popularly referred to as the link tax. Article 13 requires platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to pre-filter content for copyright infringement.

Nowadays most platforms do that afterwards and then take content offline if there is infringement. This measure is controversial because there is a fear that many messages will be unfairly filtered out. In addition, opponents fear that the major players such as YouTube and Facebook can find a solution for this relatively easily, because they have a lot to spend, but small platforms do not have that option. As a result, it would counteract innovation.

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