Oops, forgot to log out of Facebook and Google?

Is the Netherlands leaking? Research by the Consumers’ Association shows that internet users forget to log out of Facebook and Google, so that the tech companies can also accurately track users on other websites,

With Google or Facebook, 40% with Google and 60% with Facebook, even if they visit other websites, do not log out. 81% of the PC and 95% of the smartphone users are still browsing without an adblocker. 87% of Android devices and 38% of iPhones with the Facebook app continuously share their location with Facebook.

Too much data at Google? More than 45% allow Google to remember location data for a longer period of time. 57% of PC and 64% of smartphone users. let Google track search terms they have previously 30% use their password for their email also for other sites. At large online stores, more than 42% of the passwords are reused.

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