Business Continuity

Major Microsoft Team Outage Causes Widespread Business Discontinuity

Microsoft Teams is currently experiencing a major outage, leading to widespread disruptions that include connectivity issues, login problems, and message delays.

The suspected culprit behind this disruption is a networking issue, prompting Microsoft to initiate ongoing efforts to perform a failover and address the problem. As the incident is under investigation, users are grappling with a variety of glitches.

Affected customers have reported a myriad of issues ranging from login challenges and frozen loading screens to missing chat history and images not displaying. Teams meetings are also witnessing participants stranded in waiting rooms.

Users encountering the outage are greeted with cryptic errors such as “We’ve run into a server error,” which not only leaves some functions impaired but also urges continued app usage.

The outage, officially acknowledged by Microsoft at 10:37 AM EST, spans across multiple regions, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Microsoft is reassuring users of ongoing efforts, and there are signs of improvement in some regions as the company actively works on addressing server issues.

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