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Canada: Ban On Flipper Zero Amid Car Theft Surge

The Canadian government intends to ban the Flipper Zero and similar devices, citing them as tools used by thieves for car theft. The Flipper Zero is a portable pen-testing tool capable of experimenting with and debugging various hardware and digital devices through multiple protocols like RFID, radio, NFC, infrared, and Bluetooth.

Users have showcased the Flipper Zero’s capabilities in online videos, demonstrating its ability to perform replay attacks to unlock cars, open garage doors, activate doorbells, and clone digital keys. The Canadian Industry Minister announced the ban, stating that sophisticated tools have been used by criminals to steal cars, causing concern among Canadians. The ban announcement follows a national summit on combatting auto theft hosted by the Government of Canada, highlighting the severity of the issue.

Statistics reveal that approximately 90,000 vehicles are stolen annually in Canada, with car theft resulting in significant financial losses, including insurance costs. The Innovation, Science and Economic Development department of the Canadian government aims to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to remove such devices from the market.

Despite the government’s claims, Flipper Devices asserts that the Flipper Zero cannot be used to steal vehicles produced after the 1990s due to their advanced security systems. Flipper Devices emphasizes that the Flipper Zero is designed for security testing and development, taking precautions to prevent its misuse.

Amazon has also banned the sale of the Flipper Zero since April 2023 due to its alleged association with card skimming activities, further indicating concerns about its potential misuse.

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