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Passwordless requires a key

Passwordless requires a key, biometrics or PIN while your password still works…

A passkey is a digital key that is linked to a user account and a website or app. It lets users prove who they are without needing to type in a username, password, or provide another authentication factor. Once the option has been set up, you can sign f.e. into your Google account with your fingerprint, face recognition or a PIN. However, setting up a passkey doesn’t mean your other login credentials will stop working. “Existing methods, including your password, will still work in case you need them, for example when using devices that don’t support passkeys yet.”

The passkey is stored on the enrolled device – local computer or mobile device – but can also be backed up (encrypted) to the iCloud Keychain or Google Password Manager and synced to other devices. In order to revoke your passkey when lost or stolen, you should go to your Google account settings. You can also transfer your passkey to another device with a combination of a one time sign on and proximity check of your phone. Users are however advised against creating a passkey on shared devices.