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Privacy activist files complaint against 101 European websites

One month after the termination of the “Privacy Shield” data treaty between the EU and the US, privacy activist Max Schrems takes websites that continue to send data to the US.
8 Belgian and Dutch are also being charged: PostNL, Takeaway, Marktplaats and Lieferando. A month after that ruling, the Schrems organization has now taken stock and seen that 101 websites still use services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Connect, which now unlawfully send data to the US. “We quickly searched the main websites in each EU country to see if they contain code from Facebook and Google. These snippets of code send data about each visitor to Google or Facebook. Both companies admit they have data on Europeans. Pass transfer it to the US for processing, where they are required by law to make that data available to US entities such as the NSA. Neither Google Analytics nor Facebook Connect are essential to keep the web pages active.

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