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The privacy loophole in your doorbell

Did you know that your Ring doorbell video footage could be part of police surveillance? Ring saw search warrants increase 33 percent in 2022 from the previous year. The lack of legal controls on what police can ask for, and judges failing to properly scrutinize these warrants, opens the door for even indoor home footage […]

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Proposed EU-US Data privacy framework is too vague

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has recommended states that the executive order is too vague, and leaves US courts — who would be the sole interpreters of the proposed EU-US Data Privacy Framework — wiggle room to approve the bulk collection of data for signals intelligence, and doesn’t apply […]

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What you put in ChatGPT stays in ChatGPT!

The ChatGPT tool is based on a web crawler which collects for every bit of connected data, by which it will turn up and propogate proprietary information. But at the same time developers love to cut & paste production jsons/xmls into public-free-pretty formatters/validators or unintentionally share that with their AI Assistant. And office employees type […]

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Italian DPA halts AI Chatbot due to privacy concerns

The Italian privacy regulator has ordered a popular AI chatbot to cease processing data on domestic citizens after breaking GDPR rules. The ‘virtual friend’ app tries to improve users’ emotional well-being and help users understand their thoughts and calm anxiety through stress management, socialization and the search for love,” but doesn’t seem to comply with […]

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€390M GDPR fine for Meta with data-fueled business model without legal basis

Meta was fined with €390M (210 million and €180 million fines for Facebook and Instagram) and accused the company of lacking proper legal grounds to process millions of Europeans’ with its data-fueled advertising model. Meta trongly disagree with the DPC’s final decision, and believes to fully comply with GDPR by relying on Contractual Necessity for […]