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Patternz: Commercial Surveillance Tool Tracking Billions Via Advertisements

The commercial surveillance tool named Patternz, offered by ISA, utilizes advertisements across numerous apps to track billions of people, according to claims by journalists, researchers, and the company itself. Patternz employs real-time bidding (RTB) through advertisements to monitor over five billion individuals, as outlined in a report titled ‘Europe’s hidden security crisis.’ RTB is a […]

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Does security Ring a bell?

Amazon’s surveillance doorbell company Ring has reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission which will require the company to pay $5.8 million over its inability to keep private footage and audio collected from users’ homes. This action stems from a collection of privacy violations that occurred between 2017 and 2020. Ring customers brought […]

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Surveillance or privacy concerns could make WhatsApp dissapear in UK?

UK ministers have been warned that WhatsApp could disappear from the country due to privacy concerns. The warning comes as a result of a proposed new law that would require messaging platforms to allow law enforcement access to encrypted messages in certain circumstances. WhatsApp currently uses end-to-end encryption, which prevents anyone, including WhatsApp itself, from […]


Are we living in Technofeudalism?

The technofeudalism model involves establishing a monopoly position and using sophisticated data extraction to secure it. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon — have turned the slippery slope of digital surveillance into a hamster wheel, a new self-perpetuating system of exploitation. Not only does the tech oligopoly seamlessly record our preferences, habits, and choices, it also […]

Privacy Surveillance

Hikvision: the biggest in camera surveillance

The Chinese Hikvision’s products can be found anywhere from police surveillance systems to baby monitors with 4.8 million networks of Hikvision devices in more than 191 countries. Hikvision could be sanctioned for aiding the Chinese government’s human rights violations in Xinjiang. The US Treasury is reportedly considering adding Hikvision to the Specially Designated Nationals and […]

Privacy Surveillance

How do democracies spy on you?

Spyware installed after a WhatsApp message or iMessage on the phone of politicians, lawyers, and activists in order to know what they are saying, hearing, chatting, searching, etc. All types of government are buying such spying software but how to prevent that it is used in the wrong way?

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