Multifactor Authentication Password management Security

Politicans required strong password on Twitter

To protect accounts related to the US presidential election, Twitter will require a strong password for these accounts. These users are also recommended to set up two-factor authentication. The microblogging service has announced this on its own website. In this way, Twitter wants to protect so-called “high-profile accounts” during the upcoming presidential elections. These include […]

Data Breaches Security

Amazed at what is running on your network?

A new survey by research firm Vanson Bourne of 1,350 business IT decision-makers in the US and 13 other countries sought to identify current IoT security vulnerabilities and threats in corporate organizations. One of the questions was a question that asked respondents to identify the strangest IoT devices they found connected to their organization’s networks. […]

Privacy Security

Government email archiving is mandatory in 2021

The Multi-year Plan for Improving Central Government Information Management prescribes that all government organizations must implement a method of e-mail archiving by 2021, whereby this applies in In principle, all e-mail from officials is kept for a period of ten years. After that period, the e-mails are either destroyed or transferred to the National Archives. […]

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