Multifactor Authentication Password management Security

Politicans required strong password on Twitter

To protect accounts related to the US presidential election, Twitter will require a strong password for these accounts. These users are also recommended to set up two-factor authentication. The microblogging service has announced this on its own website. In this way, Twitter wants to protect so-called “high-profile accounts” during the upcoming presidential elections. These include […]

Data Breaches Security

Amazed at what is running on your network?

A new survey by research firm Vanson Bourne of 1,350 business IT decision-makers in the US and 13 other countries sought to identify current IoT security vulnerabilities and threats in corporate organizations. One of the questions was a question that asked respondents to identify the strangest IoT devices they found connected to their organization’s networks. […]

Privacy Security

Government email archiving is mandatory in 2021

The Multi-year Plan for Improving Central Government Information Management prescribes that all government organizations must implement a method of e-mail archiving by 2021, whereby this applies in In principle, all e-mail from officials is kept for a period of ten years. After that period, the e-mails are either destroyed or transferred to the National Archives. […]

Data Breach

Encrochat hack exposes underworld NL

Encro’s servers running in France were hacked thanks to the special knowledge of the Dutch Team High Tech Crime.This allowed detectives to read about all the criminal activities planned in the Netherlands and far beyond. EncroChat has discontinued its services as a provider of encrypted communication. The company supplied crypto phones internationally that allowed users […]


Home routers full of vulnerabilities and hard-coded passwords

The security of routers for end users leaves something to be desired. The devices are full of known vulnerabilities, often use hard-coded passwords and do not receive security updates for a long time, according to research by the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE. 127 routers from seven major suppliers were investigated […]

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