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NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent

An investigation by The Observer reveals that 20 NHS trusts in the UK have been sharing private details of patients’ medical conditions, appointments, and treatments with Facebook without consent. A covert tracking tool called Meta Pixel was found on the websites of these NHS trusts, collecting browsing information and sharing it with Facebook, in violation […]

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Google sued over its use of confidential medical records belonging to 1.6 million individuals in the UK

Google’s artificial intelligence DeepMind received the data in 2015 from the Royal Free NHS Trust for the purpose of testing a smartphone app called Streams. The smartphone app was tested to detect acute kidney injuries. The claim alleges that Google and DeepMind “obtained and used a substantial number of confidential medical records without patients’ knowledge […]

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Did you sign a contract with Facebook for your data being purchased for 8.6 Eurocents?

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has sent a “draft decision” to the other European Data Protection Authorities on Facebook’s legal trick to bypass the GDPR. noyb has published the relevant documents today In the DPC’s view Facebook can simply choose to include the agreement on data processing in a “contract”, which would make the […]

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European Digital Identity is coming…

The European Commission has a plan which enables citizens to identify themselves and share electronic documents from a special wallet app for smartphones. Major platforms will be required to accept the new European digital identity. The European Commission states that the use of identity by citizens will be voluntary. “The new European digital identity wallets […]

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