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The first month of the GDPR

The first month of the GDPR and GDPR is now over, and according to the IAPP, the EU has certainly been busy with regard to complaints to the authorities, they report in an article . Because not all parties described in the article responded equally, we assume a period of 2 weeks. In the 2 […]


freelancers are given a little more breathing space

Today the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in the Netherlands. Although a fairly large number of freelancers have not yet finished their GDPR process. Cause for panic? Not yet! Minister Dekker has promised that the self-employed in the Netherlands will not immediately be tackled harshly by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. So it […]

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The 7 stages of GDPR grief

An article by VentureBeat gives a nice analogy of the different stages in which companies find themselves with regard to the implementation of the GDPR (here in the Netherlands referred to as the GDPR). It also applies here that quite a few companies are still not aware of harm, and are therefore still in the […]

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Watch your applications!

We have many applications to share messages and data within your organization. This usually concerns free software for storing or sending information online. Good examples are WhatsApp, Dropbox and Skype. It is important to consider where all this information actually goes because of the GDPR. If you provide data to these authorities by means of […]

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Safety first

An article in the magazine Office Rendement: The IT systems play an important role in your preparation for the GDPR. You must ensure that personal data is safe within your organization. And technology is the way to achieve that. May 25 is the day, so now check the systems for personal data security, so that […]

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More effectiveness of the Dutch Data Protection Authority

The Dutch Data Protection Authority, which has to supervise compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be given more clout. The Council of Ministers has decided to significantly increase the regulator’s budget, so that there are more possibilities to check compliance with the upcoming GDPR. Until now, there were too few financial resources […]