Privacy Security

Leaked emails at Jeugdzorg

Due to an error at Bureau Jeugdzorg Utrecht, the files of thousands of vulnerable children have been leaked. In the files you will find extremely sensitive information, such as their mental disorders, details of sexual abuse and even suicide attempts. Research from RTL Nieuws shows.


Shocking cybercrime figures in SMEs

One in two companies has been a victim of cyber incidents, according to a survey among SMEs by financial service provider Centraal Management. Nicole Mallens of the VNO-NCW business organization: “Most SMEs do take a number of basic technical measures, such as a firewall, a virus scanner or making backups. Yet there is a group […]

GDPR Security

BNR: Simple films about GDPR for entrepreneurs

AVG not the most exciting topic is brought to the attention at BNR Zakendoen by Hans Biesheuvel from ONL for entrepreneurs. Hans Biesheuvel indicates that SME entrepreneurs struggle a lot without a compliance officer who takes care of all this. The Dutch Data Protection Authority is going to check more strictly and is busy pulling […]

GDPR Privacy

SMEs are struggling with the GDPR

SMB entrepreneurs are still struggling enormously with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That says the ONL business organization, which receives signals that many small businesses do not know how to comply with privacy regulations. Reports of controls around GDPR obligations and fines are causing growing concern among businesses. “Privacy regulations are incredibly complex and […]

Data Breach

Dutch DPA: Data breaches more than doubled in 2018

In 2018, about 21,000 data leaks were reported to the AP. More than double compared to 2017, when it was still 10,000 reported data leaks. The regulator will expand the capacity as this exceeds the predetermined estimate. Most of the data breaches reported, 63 percent, concerned personal data sent to the wrong recipient. This concerns, […]