SIM swapping is on the rise as a mobile threat

Sim swapping is possible because a malicious person takes over your phone number. This criminal calls the victim’s telecom provider and convinces the employee the 06 number transfer to a SIM card in his possession. Strong authentication like that of http: // idcontrol.com via Apps, OTP or USB Keys may be a solution. It is […]

Data Breach

Data breach at 216 Accountants

216 Accountants, KPMG’s former SME practice, has been hit by a data breach. Due to the leak, customer and personal data of customers of the company were temporarily visible to all customers. The email sent to affected customers shows that the company switched to a new customer portal on December 1. The supplier PinkWeb has […]

Data Breach

Data breach Facebook affected 50 million users

Attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in the “view as” feature, which allows users to see how their profile looks like to someone else. The vulnerability caused by three different bugs allowed the attackers to illegally obtain access tokens, thus could have taken over users’ accounts. Users remain logged in to Facebook via an […]