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Internal, external or shared DPO?

The CNIL – French DPA-published its guide for DPOs. This Guide analyzes, among other issues why and how to appoint a DPO, what means should be provided to fulfill its mission and the pros and cons of the internal, external and shared DPO roles are compared: 1) If you choose to appoint a member of the […]

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TikTok shares your data with who?

YouTube and TikTok track users’ personal data more than any other social media apps. A recent study found that YouTube, which is owned by Google, mostly collects your personal data for its own purposes — like tracking your online search history, or even your location, to serve you relevant ads. But TikTok, which is owned […]

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Clearview AI may be fined 20 million euros for violating privacy law

UK privacy regulator ICO plans to fine facial recognition company Clearview AI €20 million for violating UK privacy law. Clearview collected photos from Facebook, LinkedIn and other websites for training a facial recognition system. This system contains a database of ten billion collected images, according to the ICO. This allows police services to identify unknown […]

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Did you sign a contract with Facebook for your data being purchased for 8.6 Eurocents?

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has sent a “draft decision” to the other European Data Protection Authorities on Facebook’s legal trick to bypass the GDPR. noyb has published the relevant documents today In the DPC’s view Facebook can simply choose to include the agreement on data processing in a “contract”, which would make the […]

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