Motion Tweede Kamer on GDPR policy rules

The GDPR causes uncertainty for many SMEs, associations and foundations because, due to complexity and vague standards in the law, in many cases it is not clear which data may be processed in which way. The government is requested to enter into consultation with the Dutch Data Protection Authority to ensure that the Dutch Data […]

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BNR: Simple films about GDPR for entrepreneurs

AVG not the most exciting topic is brought to the attention at BNR Zakendoen by Hans Biesheuvel from ONL for entrepreneurs. Hans Biesheuvel indicates that SME entrepreneurs struggle a lot without a compliance officer who takes care of all this. The Dutch Data Protection Authority is going to check more strictly and is busy pulling […]

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SMEs are struggling with the GDPR

SMB entrepreneurs are still struggling enormously with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That says the ONL business organization, which receives signals that many small businesses do not know how to comply with privacy regulations. Reports of controls around GDPR obligations and fines are causing growing concern among businesses. “Privacy regulations are incredibly complex and […]

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The 7 stages of GDPR grief

An article by VentureBeat gives a nice analogy of the different stages in which companies find themselves with regard to the implementation of the GDPR (here in the Netherlands referred to as the GDPR). It also applies here that quite a few companies are still not aware of harm, and are therefore still in the […]

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What about web shops and the GDPR?

The GDPR is in full swing! We’ve already talked about how you can make your company GDPR compliant by applying technical and organizational measures in previous blog posts. Are you still unsure about the best way to approach this? Then request a AVG Advice process from Data Privacy Partners! But what about web shops? Most […]

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Do it yourself or DPO?

Data Protection Officer (Industry) organizations have the option of appointing an internal supervisor for the processing of personal data. Such a person is called a data protection officer (DPO). Within the organization, the DPO supervises the application and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). Later: mandatory DPO Please note: from May 25, 2018, […]

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Watch your technique!

Hopefully, you have noticed: the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) will come into effect in the Netherlands next year. The regulation prescribes measures to ultimately prevent a data breach of personal data within your BV. The GDPR demands a lot from your IT systems. Which buttons should you turn? The adaptation of the systems to […]