CookiePocalypse offers lucrative opportunities in advertising market

Facebook reports a 50% drop in advertising revenue since the cookie was declared war by Firefox and Apple. The cookie wall has been taken over by the AP and we are waiting for the first fines. A group of Dutch privacy activists has submitted a claim, which focuses on the collection, bundling, enrichment and sale of digital profiles of Dutch internet users, without having submitted permission for this to the American companies Oracle and Salesforce. In short, it will be asking for explicit permission or ‘old-fashioned’ contextual advertising.

Read more about thisr: https://fd.nl/achtergrond/1355271/adverteren-zonder-vervelende-cookies-blijkt-minstens-zo-lucratief?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&utm_campaign=SHR_ARTT_20200902&utm_content=achtergrond