Data Protection Officer as a Service

Did you know that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows organisations to outsource the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? ID Control’s DPO as a Service makes it possible for your organisation to outsource the role of a DPO. The outsourced DPO performs the tasks described in the GDPR allowing you to reach the desired compliance level. Our DPO as a Service is an all-inclusive data protection and privacy service that is not only limited to the tasks and responsibilities of the GDPR. The service includes a data protection annual plan to lay out all the steps to reach a desired level of compliance.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensures that your organisation complies with the legislation, acts accordingly regarding data protection practices and has general ownership of data processing activities. For some organisations, it’s mandatory to have a nominated DPO, but it’s almost always recommended.


By outsourcing the role of the DPO, you can reach e.g. the following benefits:

  • Engage an experienced team of privacy specialists with wide-range expertise in data protection activities in various fields
  • Flexibly outsource data protection related activities and focus on your core business
  • Improve the level of GDPR compliance
  • Mitigate the risk of a conflict of interest of the DPO
  • Ownership and structure to privacy & data protection activities

Tasks and Responsibilities

ID Control’s DPO can perform for example the following tasks:

  • Composing and maintaining a data protection annual plan
  • Practical operations, like personnel training, creating and maintaining data inventory and records of processing activities, as well as composing and planning processes
  • Informs and advises the customer on privacy and data protection
  • Monitors compliance
  • Provides advice on conducting DPIA’s
  • Co-operates with supervisory authorities
  • Acts as a contact point for supervisory authorities

DPO as a Service can focus on the tasks described in the GDPR as well as operative data protection activities. The service does not thus have to be limited to mere advisory and compliance monitoring described in the GDPR. DPO outsourced to ID Control can take care of other privacy and data protection tasks, e.g. privacy auditing, assessments, reviewing and planning. These other tasks are agreed separately with the customer.

Service Deployment Process

The service deployment process for our DPO as a Service starts off with kick-off, where the organisation’s current situation is assessed, and an annual plan is composed outlining the activities and tasks to become compliant. Activities can be divided into reactive and proactive support, which in combination create a comprehensive DPO service. The annual plan is implemented based on a chosen service level, which sets the extent and schedule of the service. This enables us to optimise the service on your organisation’s needs.