(C)ISO as a Service

The (C)ISO as a Service, is a subscription on a professional who works closely with organizations to provide all of the essential cyber security support one would expect from an in-house senior executive (C)ISO within a more efficient and affordable service model. While cyber security is of equal importance for small to large organizations, not all can afford to have full fledge security org within. Hiring a full-time CISO to provide leadership to security operations, is not an easy task and can be expensive and time-consuming too.

With opting our CISO as a service, organizations can not only reduce the startup time considerably but costs are minimized significantly and the business can attain a comprehensive secure environment. This service grants organizations immediate access to a security leader, who can guide them through their strategic & tactical security initiatives. The service is of great help to organization facing difficulty in defining security strategy, facing execution challenges, struggling with compliance mandates etc. Our CISO are security professionals with a multitude of years of work experience in large enterprises and work with stakeholders to meet varying requirements of acting as Trusted security advisors and show measurable improvement to security posture of the organization.

Deliverables of the CISO as a Service includes but not limited to:

 • Information security leadership and guidance
• Steering committee leadership or participation
• Current state assessment
• Defining cybersecurity strategy / roadmap
• Meeting compliance requirements
• Governance of security operations
• Running security awareness & training program
• Internal & external stakeholder management