How could Amazon buying for $3.9 billion One Medical influence One’s Privacy?

Amazon plans to buy the primary care organization One Medical in a nearly $4 billion deal, adding to the growing list of the tech giant’s acquisitions. Amazon expands its reach in the health care industry. Wholefoods $13 Billion and the online pharmacy company PillPack for $753 million in 2018. What could be achieved through integration wtih Amazon Care and Amazon Web Services, a massive cloud storage service that stores health data for many hospitals and health systems. The service has its own natural language processing system that’s been pre-trained “to understand and extract health data from medical text, such as prescriptions, procedures, or diagnoses. Add fitness trackers, Alexa voice assistants and health and wellness products available for purchase and delivery. Privacy experts have concerns abouth combining Health Care with one’s retail purchases, groceries and streaming content and data.