GDPR Privacy

Central government is investigating privacy risks of data processing by Google

The Ministry of Justice and Security is investigating whether Google complies with the privacy rules. This is done with the help of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). Expected completion of this DPIA is in the autumn. The wish arose from education where digitization took place at breakneck speed, not knowing whether these parties that made this possible can be trusted in their blue eyes. These types of DPIAs are there to control the market and at Microsoft it was previously done by the national government. In 2019, the Ministry of Justice stated in a report that Microsoft collects behavioral data from 300,000 government workplaces through, among other things, Office. These included workplaces at ministries, the police and the judiciary. During Corona, the Ministry of Justice and Security then switched to Teams, in order to be able to communicate remotely during the corona crisis.

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