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Encrypted email service Tutanota targeted by DDOS attacks

The encrypted email service Tutanota has been the target of DDOS attacks for over a month, preventing users from using the service for several days. The attacks began in mid-August and the attackers kept changing their attack vector, Tutanota said.

Last weekend, the e-mail service came under fire again and this week it was busy repelling the attack. For example, hundreds of users were unable to use the e-mail service last Sunday. A day later, Tutanota was down again. A situation that has repeated itself several times in recent days. The email service is now reporting via Twitter that it has restored service.

According to the email service, no ransom has been demanded to stop the attacks. “The only purpose the attackers could have is to damage Tutanota and prevent people worldwide from using encrypted email,” said Matthias Pfau, Tutanota co-founder.