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Amazed at what is running on your network?

A new survey by research firm Vanson Bourne of 1,350 business IT decision-makers in the US and 13 other countries sought to identify current IoT security vulnerabilities and threats in corporate organizations. One of the questions was a question that asked respondents to identify the strangest IoT devices they found connected to their organization’s networks. […]


60% of organizations see working from home threatened by cyber threats

Fortinet’s “2020 Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Report” conducted among organizations in 17 countries worldwide has some interesting conclusions after the introduction of home working:– 60% of all organizations faced an increase in the number of attack attempts. 34% reported a successful attack.– The biggest challenges surrounding the switch were secure connections, business continuity and access to […]


NCSC: Mitigating malware and ransomware attacks

NCSC learns from every incident and that is brings advice to reduce the chance that organizations will become infected with ransomware and malware and limit the spread of malware within the organization and the impact of the infection. it is important to emphasize two extra measures, namely having tested, up-to-date, offline backups and disabling or […]


Halo and goodbye privacy?

In August Halo was lanched by Amazon which is a new wearable device to compete with Apple Watch and Fitbit. The Halo device does not only allow customers to track things like exercise and sleep, as most fitness wearables, but can also track emotional changes by listening to the wearer’s tone of voice and can […]


RDP most used for ransomware attack in 2020

The top three most popular intrusion methods include unsecured RDP endpoints, email phishing, and the exploitation of corporate VPN appliances. Ransomware attacks targeting the enterprise sector have been at an all-time high in the first half of 2020. RDP is regarded as the single biggest attack vector for ransomware. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is currently […]